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i used to fantasize about atla being real and how cool it would be to be an airbender and by used to i mean five minutes ago i did that




I think this pretty much sums up the adventures of those two

Yep that’s it that’s their entire relationship in one screencap.



"Katara lingered for a moment longer, staring at him. Every part of her form was cast in shades of blue with the sun’s light behind her. Despite the cobalts and sapphires of the shadows, the blue of her eyes still stood out as brighter than the rest. "You’re okay?" she whispered softly. He quirked an eyebrow, but didn’t move. If he’d been granted this view of his water bender, he wanted to drink it in."

Zutara Week 2014 : Cobalt Blue.

A companion piece to raedeanne​’s Zutara Week submission.


so when do we get to see honora

a:tla + quotes

(inspired by i, ii)


Like the cycle of the seasons, the cycle of the Avatar began anew


Beware the frozen heart.


if you’re talking to a cute boy and he starts to leave scream “NO. IF YOU LEAVE NOW, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GO INTO THE AVATAR STATE AT ALL!” i have used this several times and i can confirm that it works 100% of the time.



characters that go from villain to awkward friend are so important